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After recovering from post-partum depression, I desired to support other women with issues unique to motherhood. When American Mothers Inc. (AMI) honored me with North Dakota Mother of the Year, I became involved with AMI, giving me the ability to share this support with other moms on a greater scale.

Every woman, whether she's a mother or not, has natural maternal energy. As a woman, as a mom, and as Mrs. North Dakota International 2021, I will continue to harness the power of maternal energy through the mission of AMI. Additionally, my hope is to help every woman recognize, harness, and utilize her unique maternal energy to make a positive impact in the world around her.

Now more than ever, we need maternal energy to heal our nation from the effects of the pandemic. Through the pillars of AMI: honor, educate, support, empower, and provide, we have the tools necessary to harness this energy and utilize its potential. Powered by the voice of 85 million mothers, we are mom strong!

*Emily is currently in the process of writing a book titled Spark: Igniting Joy in Your Life, where she outlines 40 life principles she used to overcome depression and live everyday in joy. 

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